Friday, October 23, 2009


Today i sat down and read Benjamin Jealous's commentary: NAACP agenda still 'radical' after 100 years, basically he's stating that the NAACP is still here and still working for civil rights. Being that there is laws and amendments against racial acts some people are under the impression that the NAACP is unneeded, which is definately not the case. Jealous's argument is that the NAACP is still a much need factor in todays society and they are still doing what they were originated to do.i totally agree with this because there are act of racism in everyday life even though we have come a very long way.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Recently taking the time to read Jason Chaffetz commentary "Health care debate turns nasty," I noticed that obviously he is not a big fan of Obama and his healthcare reform. So naturally this commentary was intended for other non-believers of this nature. Now, being that I don’t have lots of political background I can’t go to in detail about the healthcare plan itself, but even I know things can’t be solved in the first few months. I would just like to go on record and say, the man hasn’t even been in office a full year; why not give him some time to get his plans into action? Give him an actual chance to make things happen. Obviously the healthcare issue has been a problem that has been on going through previous presidencies and has still not been corrected. So why within the first months of Obama’s presidency is it so critical that it be done now, instead of giving him actual time to implement his plans. This is where the race card gets played. Obviously people are going to take offense to a man being overly criticized, because a problem that hasn’t been corrected over many years is expected to be solved in months. This is why many believe his race has a big thing to do with it. Instead of being quick to say Obama isn’t keeping his promises and standing by his word, give him the chance. He has four years to prove his worthiness of office, not eight months.