Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama and the War on Unemployment!!

Ever since I was old enough to work, my mother has encoraged me to keep a job. That the experience would pay off in the long run. So when I take a look at the statistics of unemployment, I wonder why so many people opt to be unemployed. That is until I came across my first termination and searched weeks, even months, to find a new job. Since Obama has taken office, I have seen him work on many different U.S. situations, and now he has now decided to take on employment as well. Friday President Obama visiteed Lehigh Community College to issue a speech on unemployment. Stating that unemployment has indeed decreased by 0.2 percent, going from 10.2% to just 10%. He also took question from the crowd, in which one student asked about VA benefits. The question regarded the students attemps to get in contact with the VA concerning his GI bill.
I must say that it is time to take action regarding unemployment and some how come up with new form of jobs. As well as, people simply losing jobs is a big problem that most people really dont need at this time. I like how when Obama was asked the question regarding the VA situation, he noted that the kid did take the correct course of action, contacting the highest in ranks regarding it.